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The company Consortium of Icelandic Libraries (Landskerfi bókasafna hf.), which was founded in November 2001, is owned by the Icelandic government and a series of municipalities around the country. Its purpose is to run a central, web-based library system for most of the libraries in Iceland.

  • To make the best possible use of Iceland's modest library and information resources.
  • To provide all users of Icelandic libraries with equal access to these resources over the Internet.
  • To implement a single, centrally run library system as the most cost-effective solution.

Consortium of Icelandic Libraries also runs the museum system Sarpur by a contract with Sarpur Management Company (Rekstrarfélag Sarps).

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Contact information

Phone +354 514-5050

Email skrifstofa@landskerfi.is


Katrínartún 2
IS-105 Reykjavík



Landskerfi bókasafna, Katrínartúni 2

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Sveinbjörg Sveinsdóttir

Sveinbjörg Sveinsdóttir
framkvæmdastjóri – Managing Director

sveinbjorg @ landskerfi.is / 514-5051


Ásdís Huld Helgadóttir

Ásdís Huld Helgadóttir
þjónustustjóri – User Services

asdis @ landskerfi.is / 514-5050



Dögg Hringsdóttir

Dögg Hringsdóttir
kerfisstjóri – System Administration

doggh @ landskerfi.is  / 514-5052


Geir Jón Karlsson

Geir Jón Karlsson
verkefnastjóri | upplýsingatækni – Project Manager

gjk @ landskerfi.is / 514-5057


Sigrún Hauksdóttir

Sigrún Hauksdóttir
þróunarstjóri – System Development

sigrun @ landskerfi.is  / 514-5053


Vala Gunnarsdóttir

Vala Gunnarsdóttir
fagstjóri Sarps

vala @ landskerfi.is  / 514-5054


Þóra Gylfadóttir

Þóra Gylfadóttir
verkefnastjóri – Project Manager

thorag @ landskerfi.is  / 514-5058